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Hello! I’m Ellie.


I adore to see and capture little moments of life that may go unnoticed by some. My passion allows me to document these moments and share them with you.

My inspiration stems from human interaction, light and shadows, life’s quirkiness, travel, movement, and architecture. Honestly the list could go on and on because life is constantly changing and I’m finding new things to be inspired by.


A few things to know about me:

  • I'm currently a Junior at the University of Missouri, studying Journalism with an emphasis in Strategic Communication.

  • I love love love to travel. Seeing new places, experiencing different cultures and conversing with the locals have created some of the best moments in my life so far.

  • Photography and creating graphics are two things I’m passionate about and love to share with others.

  • Coffee shops are pretty much my second home. It’s a daily occurrence for me to go to sit at a coffee shop, edit new photos/re-edit old ones, catch up with friends and be content drinking coffee. (also, going to unique coffee shops while traveling is probably my favorite thing to do on vacation. It’s all about the little things.)