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An inexpensive way to experience a fantastic birds-eye view of any situation, location, event or property.

Drone Photography and Videography

Using high quality equipment, we can provide stunning, high resolution aerial photos and videos of events, situations, locations or fairs for throughout greater Sydney. Capture your most precious moments on photo, from the sky or by your side. Contact for bookings, information or inquiries:

If you would like your footage edited or raw as files to specific music, this can also be provided. This is achieved using software such as Adobe Premier Pro or Final Cut Pro.

NEW Gutter Inspections

ELH Photos is now offering gutter inspections for homeowners within our service area. This helps to prevent from ladder related injuries while inspecting your gutter and an easier way to get a birds eye view. Live inspection is available and images can be digitally sent directly to you afterwards. All prices are fixed, contact for more information.

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